Students of specialties transport technology and logistics help to optimize the route transport of Kam’yans’ke city.

Students of O. M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv examined the transport routes of the city and registered the number of passengers. However, the main purpose of the project is not only to analyze the passenger traffic, but also to find out what kinds of transport are in demand.


The project leader, Professor Victor K. Dolya spesifies the main problems of the transport service in the city Kam’yans’ke.

Our students examine all routes of the city from the first to the last trip. We conduct researches to improve the performance of transport itself. This is not the first city in which we make similar researches, so we can note heavy passenger traffic. The advantage of the transport route of Kam’yans’ke city is very early and very late trips. Also, we are concerned with the question of the optimal rate. The low rate will lead to unprofitability enterprises, at the same time as a large volume of rate will lead to decrease in passenger traffic. This issue must be solved together with the City Hall and Department of Transport of the city Kam’yans’ke and sociologists.


At the initiative of the City Hall and Department of Transport students of specialties transport technology and logistics conducted a survey of passenger traffic on the bus routes of the city.

More than 40 students register the passenger traffic. Students say, that there are no difficulties, route transport follows the schedule and a large number of vehicles are used. This is the first experience of counting passenger traffic for our students and they work diligently.


Head of Legal Department of the transport infrastructure and communications of Kam’yans’ke city Dmitry P. Kanelsky explains why students, scientists and experts of the Transport System and Logistics Department were selected for this project.

We decided to investigate the passenger traffic because the following issues are very important for us: rate issue, determination of the number of the preferential category and optimization of the whole route system of the city. Therefore, we have chosen the Transport System and Logistics Department, which gained confidence throughout Ukraine for productive work in the direction of passenger traffic research. Their project leader is the author of many scientific works of passenger transportation. The organization of work is at the highest level.


In the future, measures for improving of transport, passengers’ service and determination of the optimal rate for transportation that will suit both passengers and carriers will be developed and proposed our students.

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