The logistic transport-distribution center is a multifunctional terminal complex intended for installation at transport network sites, in points of intersection of main communication lines, to provide clientele with guaranteed all-inclusive forwarding services. The center functions are based on logistic processes and provide for the maximum synergetic effect in the entire consignor-consignee logistic chain, basing on integration of product, material, data, service and financial flows [16]. In essence, the center acts as a logistic chain mediator, which performs the following functions: receipt, storage, record of material flows; compilation of supply lots, sequential loading-unloading operations, etc.

Логистика 7

Elementary material flow

Производитель: Manufacturer

Транспортники: Carriers

Логистический центр: Logistic Center

Реализатор: Distributor


It’s quite evident that the above elementary material flow is accompanied by appropriate financial and data flows, which orientation may match or mismatch the material flow.

On the other hand, logistic systems serving the task of servicing still simpler material flows are not a common practical case. In practice, logistic centers normally provide for realization of several (or even several dozens) material flows that may start and end both in different and matching points (see the Figure).

Set of material flows from i-th manufacturers to j-th distributors

Производитель: Manufacturer

Материальный поток: Material flow

Транспортник: Carrier

Логистический центр: Logistic center

Реализатор: Distributor

Первый материальный поток: First material flow

Второй материальный поток: Second material flow

i-ый материальный поток:  i-th material flow
In those cases where several (from one to i–th) material flows are serviced by the logistic center,  various combinations of their advancement pattern may be possible:

  • from manufacturer to distributor;
  • from more than one manufacturer to distributor;
  • from more than one manufacturer to more than one distributor.

In this case, the material flows may advance along different routes:

  • from manufacturer to distributor via logistic center;
  • from manufacturers to distributor via logistic center;
  • from manufacturers to distributors via logistic center and some distributor (distributors);
  • other potential ways of material flow advancement, involving joint loading of transport facilities by both manufacturers and logistic center  [17].

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