01 Лис 2013

Maria Vladimirovna Olkhova – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Maria V. Olkova was born in 1985. In 2007 she graduated from the Kharkov National Municipal Economy Academy in specialty “Transport Systems”. She was given qualification of research officer (in transport field).
From 2007 to 2010: full-time postgraduate student, specialty 05.22.01 – Transport Systems
From 2007 till present time: Assistant at Transport System and Logistics Department, Kharkov National Municipal Economy Academy
Disciplines: “Cargo Traffic”, “Integrated Material Flows”, Forwarding Operations”, etc.
She takes part in international conferences, seminars and conferences for the professorial and teaching personnel of the Kharkov National Municipal Economy Academy, as well as in annual state-budget departmental work in field “System Facilities for Process Engineering, Management, Logistic and Ergonomic Maintenance of Urban Transport Processes” (state registration No. 0107U0000252). She guides student research work.
1) Yu.O. Davidich, M.V. Olkhova. Distribution of Cargo Traffic Volumes between Motor and Railway Transport in Cause of Line Hauls / Bulletin of East Ukrainian Dal’ National University. Science journal. – Lugansk: East Ukrainian Dal’ National University. – 2011. – No. (159). Part 1. – Pages 179-184.
2) Problems of Ergonomics and Logistics in Urban Transport Systems [Ye.V. Gavrylov, Yu.O. Davidich, V.F. Kharchenko, and others]; edited by V.K. Dolia – Gorlivka: “Likhtar” Publishing House, 2009. – 516 pages
3) M.V. Olkhova. Transport Costs as Criterion to Choose Motor or Railway Transport / Problems of Transport Logistics Development: Theses of Reports to Third International Theory-and-Practice Conference. – – Odessa: Odessa National Marine Transport University, 2011. – Pages 139-141.
4) M.V. Olkhova. Influence of Criteria for Choosing Transport Types on Distribution of Volumes of Traffic Between them // Problems of Professional Logistics Personnel Training under Conditions of Global Competitive Environment: 9th International Theory-and-Practice Conference, October 27-28, 2011. Collection of Reports in 2 parts: Part 2. Editor-in-Chief: M.Yu. Grigorak, L.V. Savchenko. – Kh: National Aircraft University, 2011. – Pages 63-66.
5) M.V. Olkhova. Interaction and Competition between Motor and Railway Transport in Logistic System // Transport Problems in largest Cities: International Theory-and-Practice Conference, March 12-16, 2012: Theses of reports. Editor-in-Chief: V.K. Dolia and others. – Kh: Kharkov National Municipal Economy Academy, 2012. – Page 116

Research areas of interest: study of processes in logistic systems

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