The analysis carried out in cooperation with Local Universities(LU), city and national authorities, stakeholders, during ah-hoc meetings, highlighted the need to improve transport services in Georgia(GE)and Ukraine(UA),benefiting of the new opportunities offered by telematics.But a lack of experience on planning, management and control of these services emerged in GE & UA,also due to inadequate academic paths for supporting exploitation and dissemination of smart transport culture, including the limits of their research and their limited international relationships.Then, SmaLog aims to transfer to GE&UA the most recent knowledge and good practices developed within the European Countries in the field of smart urban transport and logistics, holding the challenges supplied by new technologies. LUs are the key-actors to start and consolidate this process.
Therefore, the proposal aims to:
◾develop and test in GE&UA 2-year University Masters(120ECTS),both for Engineering and Economics faculties;
◾support LU in defining and delivering the Masters;
◾support the implementation in LU laboratories dedicated to smart urban transport;
◾disseminate through the newsletters, events, workshops, seminars the importance of research in urban transport and logistics exploiting the new technologies;
◾set up national coordinated networks of UNIs, public bodies, private companies and NGOs involving them in the wider European network of research centres on smart urban transport and logistics.

These aims will be achieved thanks to a mix of activities such as: education, training, conferences and public events, web based dissemination and exploitation activities.The main outputs are:
◾masters in smart transport and logistics for cities formally approved(EU-GE/UA double-joint degree);
◾internationalization of research on smart transport and logistics for cities;
◾urban smart transport and logistics networks in GE and UA;
◾implementation of local laboratories on urban smart transport and logistics.

Подробнее о программе (More details)

Кафедра Транспортних систем і логістики прийняла участь у Координаційній нараді учасників проекту Erasmus+/KA 2