You are certainly aware of the fact that by selecting a higher school well in advance it is in your power to make your forthcoming student years the most bright and memorable event. To do it, it’s worth paying attention on how well the students’ leisure time is arranged at an institution of higher education.

The Transport System and Logistics Department of the Kharkov National Municipal Economy University gives much consideration to off-study activities, which is due to a range of the following reasons:

  • Combination of studies and creative work, science and sports promotes self-fulfillment, stimulates work activity, teaches to plan out one’s time efficiently, broadens one’s outlook.
  • Participation in the higher-school off-study life enables to develop communicative skills, learn to work as a team member, lead personnel groups, which results in a higher confidence in one’s abilities and serves as a guarantee of success.
  • Grand passion may become a deed of one’s life. Many well-known qualified showmen, musicians, sportsmen made their successful start in life thanks to creative experience they acquired in students’ groups and societies.
  • As regards out-of-town students having no childhood friends and caring parents at their side, classes in individual-interest students’ clubs appears to be the best way for them to compensate for a lack of communication and get adapted for new conditions.

Despite a rather intensive educational load, all students lead rather eventful, interesting and fascinating life. Such events as “Kind Hostess” and “Best Room” contests, sports contests, meetings with famous football players are regularly arranged. Sports life is very diverse in the Academy. Students can practice sports at their studies, attend a variety of sports classes at off-study time, stand up for the Academy during different-level competitions. The sports building provides excellent conditions for physical development. Sports classes are conducted by Masters of Sports and highly skilled teachers.

 The students’ club functioning at the Academy is in the process of intensive development. Although the Academy Students’ Club is arranged so far in the assembly hall of the main building, the construction of the Palace of Students next to the Academy Building is practically over. Using resources and support of the club members, the St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually, talented young people make their debuts on the scene of the assembly hall, faculty special days are marked.

All out-of-town students are provided with dormitories, which have a rather convenient location. Dormitory rooms are comfortable and light. Therefore, the students’ lodging and everyday-life conditions serve as a guarantee of their successful study at the Academy.

The principal goal of the Students’ Trade-Union Committee is to protect and uphold the interests of students who study at our Academy.
Moreover, any Academy student who addresses his or her problem to our Trade-Union Committee will be heard and assisted.

The Primary Trade-Union Students’ Organization (PTSO) operates on the grounds of the Articles of the Trade-Union of Educationalists and Scholars of Ukraine and in accordance with Law of Ukraine “About Labor Unions, their Rights and Work Safeguards”.

The principal goal of the work carried out by the Trade-Union of Educationalists and Scholars of Ukraine in general and the PTSO Trade-Union Committee of the Kharkov National Municipal Economy Academy in particular is to represent and protect labor, socio-economic rights and interests of our Trade-Union members.

To attain the principal goal, the Trade-Union Committee is engaged in the performance of the following functions:

  • protection of trade-union members’ right to work (study);
  • carrying on negotiations, conclusion of agreements between the Academy rector’s office and Students’ Trade-Union Committee  to establish rights and duties of the parties, as regards the improvement and maintenance of students’ living standards;
  • carrying on negotiations with the Academy administration (rector’s, dean’s offices) on the issues of protection of students’ interests;
  • providing legal support to trade-union members (for this purpose, professional lawyers who work at the Regional Committee are attracted);
  • cultural-and-educatory activities among trade-union members.