All University students are provided with dormitory accommodation. They are lodged in dormitories by the “boys – girls” principle and, hence, are provided with the most comfortable adequate recreation-time conditions.
The Academy dormitories are set up in the students’ campus territory, close to each other, thus providing for unlimited communication opportunities,
Life in a dormitory is interesting and diverse. Such events as “Kind Hostess” and “Best Room” contests, sports contests, meetings with famous football players are regularly arranged.
Due to the complete Internet coverage of every room, students can start their studies while still in bed.
The Academy dormitories can be reached by metro. One should pass two stations along the “Alekseyevskaya” line and travel from the “Arkhitektora Beketova” station to “Botanicheskiy Sad” station. The Academy dormitories are two metro stations (10 minutes) away from the Academy building. It takes students 7 minutes (in the morning as they are in a hurry) or 15 minutes (as they are tired) to walk from their dormitory to the metro station. To walk from the dormitory to the metro, the students’ campus territory should be crossed.
It takes students 3 minutes to walk from the Academy building to the metro station in the morning, while their evening walk can be made infinitely long. To cover the distance from the Academy to the downtown area (the largest square in Europe), students can have 15-minute walk, or go by metro to next station.

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