01 Лис 2013

Dmitriy Nikolayevich Roslavtsev — Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Dmitriy N. Roslavtsev was born in 1979. In 2002 he graduated from the Kharkov National Motor and Road Construction University, Management and Business Faculty, specialty “Transport Systems”. From 2003 to 2006 he took postgraduate courses at the Kharkov National Municipal Economy Academy, worked as Assistant at the Transport System and Logistics Department. In 2008 he defended the thesis for the academic degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences in specialty 05.22.01 – “Transport Systems”. Since that time he has worked as Associate Professor at the Transport System and Logistics Department, Kharkov National Municipal Economy Academy, giving lectures in the following disciplines: “Engineering Analysis”, “Logistic System Management and Engineering”, “Logistic Services”, “Logistic Consulting”.
Range of research interests: issues of effectiveness of logistic system operation. Subject of Candidate’s dissertation: “Effectiveness of Operation of Logistic Chain: transport, agent, distributor”. The goal of study was to establish the laws of logistic chain functioning. The following principal tasks were solved:
– analysis of conventional approaches to assessment of effectiveness of logistic chain operation;
– construction of mathematical model of logistic chain performance;
– assessment of influence of parameters of those involved in logistic chain on effectiveness of their work, as well as overall effectiveness of chain operation;
– development of recommendations as to enhancement of effectiveness of logistic chain operation.
The total number of research and methodological papers is above 30, including the following, most recent papers:
1) Assessment of Effectiveness of Implementation of Advanced Information Technologies in Process of Promotion of Logistic Chain Functions. Present-Day Information and Innovation Technologies in Sphere of Transport: Materials to International Theory-and-Practice Conference. Volume 1. – Kherson: Publishing House at Kherson State Marine Transport Institute, 2010. – Pages 90-94.
2) Advisability of Combined Use of Transport of Several Types when Servicing Urban Passenger Routes. Materials to 8th International Theory-and-Practice Conference “Stable Urban Development. Management of Urban and Regional Development Projects and Programs”; – Kh: Kharkov National Municipal Economy Academy, 2010. – 97-98 pages
3) Theses of reports to 111th International Theory-and-Practice Conference “Management of Innovation Process in Ukraine: Problems, Prospects, Risks”. – Lviv: “Lvivska Politekhnika” Publishing House, 2010. – Pages 385-386
4) City and Regional Problems of Ergonomics and Logistics: Monograph / [V.K. Dolia, Yu.O. Davidich, O.O. Lobashov, and others] – Kh.:”NTMT”, 2011. – 201 pages
5) Aspects of Ergonomics and Logistics in Urban Transport Systems. / [V.K. Dolia, S.S. Ovchynnykov, K.Ye. Vakulenko, and others] – Kh.:”NTMT”, 2011. – 217 pages
E-mail address: d_roslavcev@mail.ru

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