01 Лис 2013

Yevgenii Ivanovich Kush — Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Yevgenii I. Kush was born on June 09, 1982. From 1989 to 1997 he studied at secondary school No. 60. From 1997 to 1999 he was a student of the lyceum, using the facilities of the Kharkov National Motor and Road Construction University. In 1999 he entered the Kharkov Motor and Road Construction University, the Faculty of Transport Systems. Yevgenii I. Kush graduated from the University in 2004.
From 2004 to 2007 he took postgraduate courses and worked as assistant at the Transport System and Logistics Department, Kharkov National Municipal Economy Academy. In 2007 he defended the Candidate’s dissertation in specialty 05.22.01 — Transport Systems, to subject “Identification of Parameters of Process of Passenger Carriage by Motor Transport with Consideration of Driver’s Body Condition”.
The dissertation work is focused on solving the following tasks:
1. Formalization of model of urban passenger traffic processes on the levels of spans, run, workday, which difference from the known processes lies in consideration of driver’s body condition.
2. More close definition of influence of driver’s age and qualification characteristics on passenger traffic process parameters.
3. Development of method for scheduling materialization of components of route passenger traffic components, which difference from the conventional processes lies in introduction of factors of driver’s age and qualification parameters and restriction of level of driver’s body condition. Currently, he takes the post of Deputy Dean at the Faculty of Management.
He gives lectures at the following courses: “Functional Logistics”, “Logistics”, “Transport Systems”.
Yevgenii I. Kush is an author of more than 15 research papers addressed to the analysis of transport system and logistics problems, including the following papers:
1. Yu.O. Davidich, Ye.I. Kush, D.P. Ponkratov. Ergonomic Maintenance of Transport Processes. Teaching Handbook. / Kharkiv National Municipal Economy Academy. – Kh.: Kharkiv National Municipal Economy Academy, 2011. – 391 pages
2. Problems of Ergonomics and Logistics in Urban Transport Systems : Monograph / [Ye.V. Gavrilov, Yu.O. Davidich, V.F. Kharchenko, and others]; edited by V.K. Dolia. – Kharkiv National Municipal Economy Academy – Gorlivka: “Likhtar” Publishing House, 2009. — 516 pages
3. City and Regional Problems of Ergonomics and Logistics : Monograph / [V.K. Dolia, Yu.O. Davidich, O.O. Lobashov, and others]. – Kh.: “NTMT”, 2011. – 201 pages
4. Aspects of Ergonomics and Logistics in Urban Transport Systems : Monograph / [V.K. Dolia, S.S. Ovchinnikov, K.Ye. Vakulenko, and others] – Kh.: “NTMT”, 2011. – 217 pages
Lines of research work: Improvement of Functions of Urban Transport Systems
E-mail address: kush_bush@mail.ru

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